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  • I want to ask you about the Fictionalization mod. I played the mod for years- it was my whole reason for keeping Civ IV installed and I got endless enjoyment out of it- but the site hosting the mod, I guess atomicgamer, has been shut down, and I can't find the file anywhere. I really hope you'll consider sending me a copy of the mod or letting me know about some other way I can download it.
    We actually started development since I messaged you since we got tired of waiting. If you want, we can invite you to the sg. Just see what we're doing. It's your mod fundamentally, even if we're adding our own creative touches.
    I don't know exactly how active you are on CFC anymore (it says you last logged in a month ago), but I'll ask anyways. A couple of people on the IOT subform really loved the concept of the fictionalization mod, and we were wondering if we could get your blessing to potentially resume development of it ourselves. We don't want to just steal your work, obviously; we're doing it as fans of the original concept even if we weren't there when it was first being made.
    I am the creator of the ExtremeMod and I recently ran across your mod and noted so many wonderful models you have. I wonder if it would be OK for me to use a few in my mod -- I will of course give you credit and a link back to your site.
    dear ckkane

    bunny, i feel terrible commenting, but your miriam godwinson has a flaw - in game, the right eye (her right! not yours) pops out in a very disturbing manner - this is quite common in modded leaderhedas and i have NO IDEA why!

    apart from that, i love your art & i use it a lot! i am sorry to be critical without any advice on why there are issues . . . be cool j xxxxxxxxx
    cfkane! One of your link is broken! Your Prince Charming v2 isn't work! :cry:
    Can you try to solve that? I like that leader. :)
    This may not be the place to ask you do LH requests? I only have one, if it helps. I just didn't know how or who else to ask.
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