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  • Please post in my Moog thread. I honestly want to know how you can (yes I believe you can) manage to make it into a religious/christianity discussion.
    What you aren't understanding is that I'm approaching things from a philosophical perspective. ALL government redistribution is wrong, no matter who the beneficiaries are. If that's disgusting, fine.

    I don't think as many people would be on the street as you think. Families and churches would have to learn to fill the void. I know I'd help my family. I think most decent people would.

    Of course, they won't do that, they'll continue to expand the redistributionary scheme and raise taxes. I'm surprised a "Conservative" would be OK with this.
    Hey, I was posting a message on Birdjaguar's visitor page and I saw your recent back and forth with him. It's hilarious! May I have permission to post it in the 'Brought to you by CFC thread'?
    While not a fed (I run a Real Estate development business), I am a mod. If it would make you more comfortable, I could infract you for something.
    WS is a nice town. We (wife and I) lived in Efland (Orange Cty) most of our years in NC. Our kids were both born in Durham and our daughter happens to live in Carrboro now. We loved living there, but have been spoiled by NM.
    OOOOOhhh now I see! You meant that what I posted here caused you to go on a rant in that thread! I thought you meant that what I posted in that thread made you get mad and post a rant. Misunderstanding averted. :)
    No, no, We are in agreement on banksters. Inducing that rant was a good thing. Often conservatives and liberals agree more than they think, its just so hard to bridge the gap.
    I induced a rant????

    I was completely serious in my comment on how you related guns to illegal weapons. That wasn't a sarastic :hatsoff:, honestly.

    Sorry if that's how you took it; I'll publicly clarify.
    Have you heard that some shareholders from AIG are suing the government because 'the terms of the bailout were too harsh'?

    Or that HSBC is being let off the hook for money-laundering Iranian money because it 'might upset the economy' to go after them?

    I'm at the point where I want Holder's head on a pike. :mad:
    What do you anticipate seeing?

    Unfortunately, I don't see anything resembling freedom and liberty happening in my lifetime. Too many huge authoritarians, both on right and left, and warmongerers.

    I would dedicate my career to Ron Paul. Best politician I've ever seen:)
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