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    We want to hear from YOU

    Alpha Centauri and its expansions technically aren't part of the Civilization series. :) Edit: Whoops, looks like somebody beat me to the punch!
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    We want to hear from YOU

    Please take a moment to answer some questions:
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    We want to hear from YOU

    Can you elaborate?
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    We want to hear from YOU

    Please take a moment to answer some questions:
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    (Rising Tide) North Sea Alliance

    So happy to hear that. For me, as a player, the new diplo options are HUGE. Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks so. :)
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    Rising Tide E3 Footage and Interview

    We posted footage of Rising Tide gameplay, direct from E3: We also have an interview about the new aquatic gameplay, including moving cities, and the Primordial biome. You can read it on the blog here...
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    'Rising Tide' expansion announced!

    Here are all of the announcement images plus the key art:
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    'Rising Tide' expansion announced!

    We're doing a special Rising Tide livestream today at 11am PT/2pm ET/8pm CET at Hope you guys can make it! If you can't make it for some reason, know that we'll be uploading the livestream to our YouTube channel at
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    New Firaxis BE blog "Systematic Destiny"

    Great to hear! We've got more installments to share in the coming weeks, but glad you guys are appreciating it. Dr. Joel Green and the team at Firaxis worked hard on these, so I'm sure they're ecstatic to hear the positive feedback. :)
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    Got merch ideas?

    If you could see any kind of cool Beyond Earth (or even just related to the Civ series in general) swag or merchandise created, what would it be? Heck, if your idea is good enough, we may be able to make it happen!
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    New multiplayer update

    Hot off the presses!
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    Winter 2015 Update now live!

    Steam should automatically grab it, but if that's not the case, try restarting your Steam client. Full list of changes here:
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    Starships page now live on Steam
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