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Apr 17, 2020
Sep 28, 2010
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Apr 17, 2020
    1. Homusubi
      Hi, me again, just wondering if you are still working on "Along the Asian Frontier" and "Apprentice God Junior Grade". If so, when's the ETA for the next instalment?
    2. Homusubi
      Thanks for the reply again. I think I'll get it now, I don't believe the rumours what with the gold edition coming out and all that.
    3. Homusubi
      Hi, thanks for your reply to the post. I've been considering getting G&K for some time now and am just wondering, is it worth it? I've noticed you play with it on, and am wondering how big a difference religion makes to the game.

      P.S. You're right, my vote for best unique goes to the English longbow once it has Indirect Fire. Ditto for Chu-ko-nu.
    4. smallfish
      ah, its just some nickname of a random fora elsewhere. modmod of "spacebattles"

      nevermind then
    5. smallfish
      would thou happen to be from essbee?
    6. BHN Tech 4312
      BHN Tech 4312
      i just finished reading your six nations story, and rather then bump a very old post, i figured id write you here. very good story :)
    7. smallfish
      that's a very apt quote concerning me many games of V
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