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  • The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon will defend the realms of mankind from the demonic and other avatars of sin!

    Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ!
    Welcome aboard, fellow poor person! Send up a prayer to the God of Dice with details!
    If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ. Let him be accused O Lord come. Amen!
    I am in the mood to design a game and I am thinking of one of your IOTs that involve the use of armies composed of units; basically a army will not the same in make up; some might have more artillery and heavy infantry while others be more carvery. Now in thinking of this I remember one of your games had such a similar mechanical structure to how armies and fleets played (also air wings were in but I am focusing on armies and fleets at the moment so to avoid over stretching; will add once I established land and sea). Now I ask you; which game of yours was it? And has the rule set been spared from your intriguing tendency to purge the rule sets of your instalments? Even if there are flaws I can work out ways to make do; it will not be copy and past as such as I will need to ensure the mechanics are suitable for the map I have plotted.
    what about vigilante groups? Could add a interesting element to law enforcers to deal with...
    OK; no special units along with the police then?

    Can one as a private police/security agency when the main body is filled?
    how many police units can be allowed? Thinking of playing specialist investigation unit.
    So I just realized I don't actually have my 100 iokril stockpile and that kind of means I can't submit orders until this is resolved.
    Apparently you can't receive any private messages, any other methods to contact you without the staring eyes of others? (Heirs to Heaven diplo!)
    The main virtue is that you are open to the idea; we can in the mean time consider ways to benefit our trade, to ensure that if we do agree to marriage we will be able to honour the wedded with festivals of joy.
    Heirs to Heaven

    Though distant we may have a potential to be allies, especially regarding the... shared curiosities of our heirs.

    Will you be interested in a dynastic marriage to link both our houses?
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