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May 17, 2022 at 11:44 AM
Apr 4, 2010
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Thought Bubble Thinker


Saber has returned to the CFC moderation team! Jun 24, 2020

NinjaCow64 was last seen:
Viewing forum list, May 17, 2022 at 11:44 AM
    1. Reconciliator
      Roll to Dodge?
    2. NinjaCow64
      Saber has returned to the CFC moderation team!
    3. yung.carl.jung
      your signature is one of the finest pieces of comedy produced in the 21st century. did you make this albert x dark souls nerd bit yourself?
      1. NinjaCow64
        The copypasta is not mine but I was the one who thought to add Einstein's name to it.
        Jun 23, 2020
        yung.carl.jung likes this.
    4. Thorvald of Lym
      1. NinjaCow64
        LOL! Looking forward to it.

        Any luck on getting through to Discord support?
        Nov 4, 2019
      2. Thorvald of Lym
        Thorvald of Lym
        Zilch; they just circle back to "get a phone lol". CG looked like he was willing to act as an intermediary but my last letter out was October 10th and he hasn't replied. Tried TB but he doesn't own a mobile either.
        Nov 4, 2019
    5. Takhisis
      Sir, would you like to play a game of mafia?
      1. NinjaCow64
        Sure, gimme a link.
        Sep 21, 2019
      2. Takhisis
    6. Ailedhoo
      IOTXXII: I am imagining a RP involving a OIA letter from the new top figure in relations to whatever the results of the certain counter Fellowship operations goes. Anyhow: I look forward to see how things go, no matter if the results are fair or fel.
    7. Takhisis
      You need to play mafia.
    8. Ailedhoo
      The Jojo will need some... pillars as it were. Will we be seeing Pillar Men references in your game?
      1. NinjaCow64
        Only if you awaken the masters.
        Nov 27, 2018
        Thorvald of Lym likes this.
      2. Ailedhoo
        Perhaps that might be the means to aid the means to excellence
        Dec 1, 2018
    9. Ailedhoo
      Looking forward to your next game and the potential to have joy! :D Claiming the British Isles for Birmingham as potential idea for a key clan.
      1. Thorvald of Lym
        Thorvald of Lym
        *pre-emptively declares war on all presigns*
        Oct 30, 2018
        GenMarshall likes this.
    10. Ailedhoo
      Cheesecakes are a must: we must trade in Choice and Chances along with making other agreements in the name of me giving you New York Cheesecake!
    11. Ailedhoo
      We will need to consider a defence pact sooner rather than later...
    12. Ailedhoo
      Hope your ok mate.

      Note I am here for you.
    13. dot80
    14. Thorvald of Lym
    15. christos200
      Hey, why ban me from discord? Did I offend anyone? I did not even break a rule. Hell, I was even typing about apologizing to Megs if I offended her. What you did is shutting down free debate.
    16. GenMarshall
    17. Tani Coyote
      Tani Coyote
      When did I become a socialist? Probably sometime in the past year is when I fully embraced the label. I've always had sympathies but never fully identified.

      I've just drifted leftward enough in my studies that one day I thought "why not be a socialist completely?" There are several models of socialism, after all, so I don't need to advocate for the Soviet way of doing things. :p
    18. CivOasis
      No worries
    19. CivOasis
      If you want to join now, we're hoping to launch a mission soon
    20. christos200
      1st: Yes. We have an agreement.
      2nd: I believe Philippines and Central America (being pacific) have expressed interested.
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    Are you kidding ??? What the **** are you talking about man ? You are a biggest looser i ever seen in my life ! You was doing PIPI in your pampers when i was beating players much more stronger then you! You are not proffesional, because proffesionals knew how to lose and congratulate opponents, you are like a girl crying after i beat you! Be brave, be honest to yourself and stop this trush talkings!!! Everybody know that i am very good blitz player, i can win anyone in the world in single game! And "w"esley "s"o is nobody for me, just a player who are crying every single time when loosing, ( remember what you say about Firouzja ) !!! Stop playing with my name, i deserve to have a good name during whole my chess carrier, I am Officially inviting you to OTB blitz match with the Prize fund! Both of us will invest 5000$ and winner takes it all! I suggest all other people who's intrested in this situation, just take a look at my results in 2016 and 2017 Blitz World championships, and that should be enough... No need to listen for every crying babe, Tigran Petrosyan is always play Fair ! And if someone will continue Officially talk about me like that, we will meet in Court! God bless with true! True will never die ! Liers will kicked off...