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An aberration of nature, from Within the realm of impossibility

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Dec 5, 2021 at 10:22 PM
    1. cAPT. jACK
      cAPT. jACK
      hey; I hate to bother you but I have been trying to work on kailrics mod but seems to have pieces missing, also atomicgamer website is no more so i cant get any of the mod from them. perhaps you might still have the mods? would love to get the mod completed . also I can not seem to contact him as well to get it. if you have some suggestions I would love to hear them.

      capt jack
    2. Takhisis
      Hey, what happened to the cyoa you were running a few months ago?
      1. jackelgull
        It's more or less dead in the water barring a creative burst of energy so unlikely as to be indistinguishable from a miracle
        Nov 20, 2017
    3. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      Last call for orders!
    4. Leoreth
      I'm not familiar with that thread so I cannot say if it fits the tone. It's up to you imo, if you think people who visit the thread care about fanfic then post in the existing thread, but a new thread is also fair. In my experience fanfic attracts a somewhat different audience than conventional literature, and is often driven by existing fandoms (while discovering new literature is about discovering new settings/premises), but do what you think is best.
    5. Angst
      You can do one action each week, four weeks an update.
      If you fight one week, you can't do anything else that week.
      Combat is processed by me but you may give directions.
    6. Angst
      Really liked your story, it was paced quite well!
    7. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      Hit me up with those orders when you have a chance please!
    8. Nuka-sama
      Alas, most unfortunate. In any case, I would love to have your support in the Grand Alliance, if you'd like to take this to more private channels?
    9. Nuka-sama
      We are still interested in a marital pact with House Lamere if you are as well?
    10. Nuka-sama
      Would House Lamere be interested in entering a marital pact with House de Toullies?
    11. Nuka-sama
      Would House Lamere be interested in a trade deal with House de Toullies?
    12. Double A
      Double A
      Yo so something that's been helping me manage my food intake is I'll only eat something if that's *exactly* what I'm craving (or if it would be impolite to refuse cause I'm southron). If I go to the fridge just looking for food, nothing really in particular, I'll stop myself and go sit my ass back down.
    13. Nuka-sama
      Hey I am unsure if you read it, but here is some important Mexican background information. Please give it a read :) http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=14093645&postcount=75

      If you ever have questions, feel free to ask. If you are getting a bit overwhelmed and need to switch countries, let me know and I can make some recommendations
    14. Nuka-sama
    15. Nuka-sama
      Orders are due in 24 hours :)
    16. Nuka-sama
      If you agree to the treaty, I will need new orders to that effect :)
    17. Nuka-sama
      Please be sure to get your orders in, 24 hour warning
    18. Spirictum
      Busier then ever, man I'm struggling a lot to find time for anything. I hope that somewhen on the middle of the semester I can calm down everything that has been happening so I can resume my activities here, I really miss this place and you guys. For now I've only kept playing th C2C game, but even so I've been making the others wait sometime for my turns because I'm not always available to come here and play my turn. I hope that S&T is still like it was, or even better because I really intend to go back there ;)
    19. Antilogic
      Sadly, it's been so long I probably need to re-read it to be conversant on the topic. Maybe it will be a post in the thread later on.

      Reminds me, we should ask Dachs about it.
    20. Antilogic
      I read a book awhile back by Tamim Ansary called Destiny Disrupted, which purports to tell a history of the world through the eyes of the Islamic Middle East. Do you have an opinion on his work?
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