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  • Remember how we had a DC-area meetup for the Stewart-Colbert Rallies? Yea, I was there. But, I wasn't able to meet up with you, Dachs, and others since I wasn't able to call Dachs on the Mall and find out where you guys were... So, unfortunately, I wandered around aimlessly there... It wasn't until Dachs and I met at the Vienna metro stop did I anyone.

    So, I'm writing this awkward post to say a bit of what I would've if I did meet you guys. :lol:

    Looking forward to a successful DC meetup,
    I have a political economy professor making a very reasonable case through a diverse set of political economists (all disagreeing with each other about details) arguing why capitalism as defined by the perpetual accumulation of capital will cease to exist because, if you sum up the different models in a nutshell, it will reach a point in which do to increasing competition and the mechanization of labor etc. aggregate profits have reached virtually zero and cost of recovery. Does this kind of discussion even show up on the radar of economists in the mainstream?
    Hey you're a lawyer right? if you don't mind telling me, what did you get in your LSAT? I'm set to take it soon and I was just wondering.
    With regards to this, is there anything you could recommend on criticism of statistics in economics? I've read some Mises and Hayek but they only brush on it in the limited instances where I've touched on it.
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