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  • That is good. Im all for long term as well. However for a long term plan to succeed you must have short to mid term sub-goals within the greater plan. In GaP I established the order quickly so that I could achieve a long term goal of ensuring that persia would not be subject to constant political quarelling thus allowing us a good chance at actually winning the game.

    In your case if your long term goal is screwing me over (presuming you fail), you should establish plans of short and mid length to the effect of gaining power and appropriating mine. If you win, well you should do the same thing except to the affect of taking supreme governance of Aztlan or something.
    :lol: im not really that much of an (insert series of expletives describing an arse here) I just have a habit of attempting to incite competition to make games interesting. Peace is nice in RL, but in games if you don't have conflict it just stagnates and gets boring.

    Also I found in some team games I used to play that the only way to get otherwise detached people really involved in the game was to give them something to focus towards, otherwise they just milled around and the game stagnated. In GaP I think you find that the triumvirate (whom I apparently embody) is the focus for that ambition, and all their plans are on somehow overthrowing the order to their own design.

    Either way if I succeed in casting you off your comfortable cushion as citizen I expect and hope that you will do your utmost to regain it and get revenge. Afterall bloody revenge is the aztec way :p
    Indeed. Good luck to you as well, Im sure you will quickly learn the arts of being a ruthless politician regardless of the outcome who knows, perhaps you will have victory and have the prestige of curtailing my megalomania :lol: (not that it really is, I just like aggravating people ooc to incite a competitive response against me).

    Anyways may the RNG gods be gracious to the one who is most worthy!
    yeah, I was tossing up my options to toil, or challenge.... it just didn't seem right that I'm a peasant who must toil for someone who is fairly new to this kind of game, so in lieu of this violation of the natural order I decided instead to throw you straight into the fire :p

    May the strongest win!


    PS: I thank you for you compliment of calling me a backdoor politics master, the usual response tends to me more vitriolic.

    Also replies to profile page messages should go on the other persons profile page so they can see you have replies
    I must recognise that I am honoured to be a victim of Jehoshua, may that be a result of the fame achieved on GaP has a backdoor politics master and mercyless enemy and abject killer, means by which you arrived to acquire your great status there.

    Though, the fact that you are going the honorable way honours you, even if it's only because you don't need to go the dishonourable one to get an advantage.
    As the quote goes:

    He who has; gets
    He who wants; takes

    As I want your land I have decided to take it. So I have challenged you (as you should be aware) for your land and position. It is so supremely right that I should claim what is rightfully mine and cast you down into servitude to the House of Chacultepec, the gods willing ofc :p
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