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  • Supremacist isn't really any thing to do with technological advantages :lol:
    What about "Advancement of the Japanese People Collation"
    No, that name would not be good enough as it only reflects your half of the collation. If you are not keen on having giant robot represented in the name something to reflect our scientific nature would be acceptable.
    Well, it was a little while back, and we were playing an Action Chatroom Game called SSD. My character was standing in the middle of the street when somebody behind him tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, saw it was an enemy, and kicked him 'where it hurts'. When LH rolled that, he got a 20 (critical hit), and uttered that quote. It turned into a running joke that whenever I saw that guy (or more accurately, his clones) I always taunted him on it, as did everybody else who happened to be around.

    Good Times. :mischief:

    foolish are the old when they ignore the wisdom of the young. Inexperience counts the squat, you could just as much get lucky. Besides GaP is all about working with other people to gain power, so if you join you would be just as well off as any of the other "not in power people" that joined in the beginning.

    Anyways if you do join you should start making connections and mobilising the liberal disposessed individuals to rise up and enter into politics. Who knows, you might even succeed where a certain poorly executed coup failed ;)
    looking at GaP I see, perhaps if you haven't already (I forget unless new people post :p) you should join and attempt to get your revenge there. You see in GaP I didn't go experimenting in novel aztec forms of politics and now sit on the very top of the totem pole over in Persia (although admittedly only as part of an autocratic three-way oligarchy).

    Besides we need someone other than Christos who can actually put up a decent attempt at overturning the long held status quo ;)
    My exams are done (and I passed with fairly good colours), im talking about preparation for next semester which should be in around april 2012. I do international studies (majoring in international relations and japanese) and since I skipped japanese in the second semester of this year I will have to make up for that in the coming year. Unfortunately that means I should get back into linguistic shape :(
    No can do, sorry :p, Honestly though LotJ was really an experimental thing of mine, I wanted to see how an aggresive CivIV montezuma take on internal politics would work. Turns out its one bad dice roll away from having your heart ripped out on the altar to tlaloc. Either way its probably for hte best that I cut back on commitments on CFC, indeed I really should be dusting off some books to study for next semester uni considering the topic I will be forced to focus on.
    Sorry, I can't find the time to get involved with this at present. If things change I may come and get into it but not right now. Thanks for thinking of me though, and good luck!
    Joan.... I sent you the invite to the Coalition. I called it the "Central Power Bloc"
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