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  • You really, really need to respond to the situation in SonRISK. I've explained my side via PM, RS kind of just wants you to vassalize.
    In the depths of Hell. It is why I have a creature called Iblis as my avatar. <3


    Oh wait, I'm sorry, Nevada IS the depths of Hell. Sin City and all that.
    Ep! Perdona per no haver-te contestat abans però és que cada vegada em connecto menys a CivFanatics. Per cert, tens el Civilization IV? Si el tens, baixa't la meva traducció i a veure què et sembla això de jugar en català.
    I've put you in as our proposed censor, to keep tabs on everyone and ensure the smooth running of government. Ergo your the coalitions inquisition :p. Basically you talk to everyone about what their doing and harmonise any discord between the various intentions people have. You also ensure that said plans uphold coalition orthodoxy and don't stray across the line.

    Its on the main thread btw
    Nope, just started reading it myself. Just wanted to spread the Epicness. Have you ever read Eric Flint or Harry Turtledove's books?
    Oh, and do you have any interest in NASA or space exploration? Or alternate history?
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