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  • We've done some right things. We've done some wrong things. We've done some right things wrong.

    The Berlin Airlift was as heroic a foreign policy measure as has ever been seen before or since, and met with ultimate success.

    The defense of Korea was a moral imperative and generally successful. Short of nuking China, I don't think we could have succeeded to any greater degree.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis was carried out with the perfect amount of patience and restraint that saved the world from nuclear holocaust.

    The First Gulf War was a great success. The whole event from start to finish was executed perfectly.

    Support of the opposition in Libya was another moral imperative. I think we've seen some good return on that.

    So, we've done some things right and exceedingly so, but I would agree that our record is generally hit and miss.
    I could not, in good conscience, support a candidate for President who would withdraw American military presence from the globe. The United States plays a pivotal role in world peace. We may not always do the best thing or even the right thing, but over the long haul, American presence around the world has been beneficial for all humanity, during the past hundred years.

    There is quote in the mini-series John Adams where the title character and Thomas Jefferson are talking about the French Revolution, and I think that this exchange captures Jefferson's attitude toward foreign policy exactly.

    "Thomas Jefferson: Well... to the revolution.
    John Adams: Whose [France or America's]?
    Thomas Jefferson: They are one and the same, John. Are they not?"

    That fits my view of the world, exactly. We ought to do whatever is reasonable to support all people around the world yearning and fighting to be free.
    I agree with you on the FYGM attitude. I just don't think telling people how to live their lives is the answer to all of that. People always give more when they have more, also. But I don't think we can (or should) truly eliminate the social safety net just now.

    The Federal Reserve is responsible for so much inflation but you are certainly right he would have "Done better" if he had let it go. Then again, that's how hard it is to be honest in politics;)

    If he had been against Obama who would you have voted for?
    Yea. In times of crises, especially, I feel that the gov't has a huge roll to play. I'm just not comfortable with letting people burn and that whole FYGM attitude.

    Dr. Paul has some very appealing positions and some very unappealing ones. Unfortunately, for him, the bad outweighs the good for most Amercians. He also lacks true charisma and appears to old; He's not Presidential-looking. He would have done better without talking about the federal reserve too much and by distancing himself from some of his more fringe supporters.
    Do you mean "I feel the government should have too big a role in this country"? I assume that's what you meant.

    What did you think of Ron Paul this year?
    I would say libertarian-leaning, in so much as I am strongly for social libertarianism. However, I feel that government has too big a role in this country to be a true libertarian.
    Hey, do you identify as libertarian or libertarian-leaning? You seem to lean a little more in that direction than the average liberal poster here.
    Oh, why you're very welcome. :3 I don't remember doing it, but I probably would've made a b-day thread but I had really just begun to get into the OT swing so I didn't know if it was against the rules or not. :( But yeah, you're welcome!
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