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  • Any interest in Joining a NOTW?

    There is a couple of spots left Ii need to fill.
    The social group thing is a little wonky, so for my sake confirm that you received both of my invitations :p
    If you are still here, the direct sequel to NinNES I is starting up. Arrow wants Phoenicia, so I need to know if you are coming back.
    The Core introduction and character formats are now up, with OOC OP and Wiki edits underway. The official thread will soon be posted.
    Resurrecting NinNES I: Antiquity Broken. If still interested, post in the thread. If not, let me know so I can keep a tally.
    If you are going to be in NinNES, you might want to take a look at the thread.

    At least two people are waiting for Phoenicia to respond, and you haven't posted in the thread yet.
    I went ahead and replaced you in Stairway to Heaven, due to your long vacation.
    You shame yourself by allying with filth, and dare to attempt to wrestle terms from me for the benefit of Pagans? I never had any intention of forcibly annexing you, I had no care for Sicily, the reason I offered the joining the Empire was because of the whole Vandal raiders thing. I always give my followers great boons. Why ally with Muslims and Pagans? Ally with Christians and join the Empire, and I will give you land, wealth, power, and forgiveness. Look at how Venice has already been given more from the benefits of our rule. You too could enjoy that if you denounced the filth that you have aligned yourself with.

    And the update is being revised, and though I have over 50+ divisions now, once the casualties are redone, I'll have far more men than I know what to do with. You may want to take my generosity while it stays, because rest assured, Italy and the protection of Rome is the number one Imperial priority
    Though I did say I wouldn't be doing any diplomacy, I can already tell you now your terms for peace are borderline insane, so you may want to rethink it
    Due to the prevalence of RP today, RP and characters for Core are due by 6:00 PM/1800 GMT Sunday (tomorrow), with an update to follow.
    :hatsoff: I have at least one follow-up in the works; I might just manage a sub-story before this thread is out!

    I should also mention, it's thanks to you I finally got around to reading Homestuck. And did it all in less than a week!
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