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  • Hii Azale, a bit of roleplay in Minecraft: The Legend of Panzerholme; you find yourself surviving my death deep in the mines. You have the option of looting all my gear and going off into the wilderness to do whatever as an outlaw, or bringing my gear back to the city for what will surely be a big reward and all the favours of high society. The gear in question is a set of enchanted diamond axe, sword, pickaxe, and an enchanted bow :)
    You would think the Europeans would try to unscrew themselves vis-a-vis Turkey what with everything that's going on in Ukraine.
    You sunava! I was looking for you for like a week after last week's episode.


    Haven't seen this weeks though. Did you see the Arsenal match yesterday?
    He also does stuff like give credence to Van Riper's performance in Millennium Challenge 2002 when there's a lot of guff floating around that Van Riper totally cheated (had units literally teleporting around, etc.) and takes his turn at the MISSILES UBER ALLES FÜR IMMER organ-grinder that all these pundits do:

    "It’s worth emphasizing this, because it’s something most naval war fans don’t or won’t realize: Power projection and effective naval weaponry are mutually exclusive, now that we have cheap, smart missiles in every military inventory. Power projection means big, gaudy surface vessels, and real effectiveness means small, hard-to-target weapons—subs and missiles."
    These, in particular, damn near made my eyes roll out of my head:

    "And the US is actually very lucky that naval war in the 21st century has been dialed down to ramming speed, because if we ever encountered the all-out naval war Stalingrad gamers dream about, America’s aircraft carriers—a mid-twentieth-century weapon and twenty-first-century death-trap—would vanish in a radioactive mist, thanks to another weapon China has but isn’t using, the Dong Feng 21–a nuclear-armed ballistic missile specifically designed to erase the US carrier fleet."

    "Not that the 5th Fleet actually needs nukes on its ships. It’s a very safe bet that land-based American ICBMs have been assigned to every city and military base in Iran, with satellite-image based targeting refined to specify whether you want Ground Zero to be the front or back seat of a particular Iranian base commander’s car."
    I'm reading some more of The War Nerd and he's an interesting counterpoint on a lot of topics but he is absolutely 100% full of crap when it comes to either nukes or A2/AD.
    No problem. Actually, you kind of shamed me into becoming a bit more active now that I have the time to do that. :p
    good find! I agree the bit on the MIT-Cambridge part was my favorite. He made some solid points toward the end too on the division within wages, but I wish he also incorporated Jamie Galbraith's critiques.
    You know that Mako Mori looks EXACTLY like Mai from noted excellent film (snickers) Dragonball: Evolution.
    The new wolfenstein is a loss-ish game. The story is decent too and I like the characterization.
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