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  • is it supposed to be around game thread?

    I mean I guess I don't really know what brackets really are supposed to do for parsing. I always thought it was like "[General Subject] details" for everyday stuff or emails or whatnot. Even though I did the opposite for signup thread

    I.e. like if I wanted to PM about general mafia stuff [Mafia] Hosting Queue, or [Mafia] Timer function, or [Mafia] gameroom moderators
    Is your large game ready? I'm willing to open sign-ups for Mass Effect if not.
    Your photobucket albums show your real name, fyi (at least, first name + initial).
    Because I am lazy? Also I haven't been at home much which is where all my docs are located.
    Thanks :). Been around for awhile though, actually. Just expanding my places of where to play some mafia at.
    hahah - i could never kill you first night. you provide far too much lols.

    Just for you i will put it in.
    I made you the President of the United States (played by Jack Nicholson!) and you didn't even consider it a good reason for procrastination. So, if you die first night, then guess who it is…
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