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  • MineWarfare 2.0 can you post the SDK Changes for your mod I would like to build a new mod with this as the base mod.
    I would like to use your mine warfare mod, but I don't know where to find the dll source files after you migrated the mod to SDK.
    All of my mods can be freely used by the Civ4 community. Any graphics I have used come from existing downloads. You may want to see who the original developer of the torpedo boat graphic was and give credit.
    No, the admins just did not have any time yet to approve it (which has to be done for every user with <30 posts, and he's only at 28).
    Thanks. The problem was related to some host hardware issues. We knew it was coming, but the issues were more severe than any of us anticipated.

    BTW, you do realize that if we can't get to the forums, we can't read visitor messages, right? ;) Better to use email ("Contact Us" link at bottom of page).
    No. I served in the USAF: F-4s and F-15s. My user name is a memorial to the game "Master of Orion II or MOO2." As you might already know, MOO3 was a total flop and now I am a true Civ finatic. Cheers,

    Orion Veteran
    Your user name sounds like you may have been around P-3 aircraft in the Navy. Is that true?

    USN (Ret)
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