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  • Had to log today in due to what seems some admin confusion. (Petek sent me a name change by mistake)

    Thought I'd say HI! while I'm here. Seems I haven't logged in for almost 12 years.

    ~Crazy Eddie
    Hey ... i know your busy. Seems i can not change my signature. do i need moderator to let me ?
    I cant find my recent new forum thread, I dont know where it is or really how to find it, I want people to see it.
    Your system for replying to email notifications has become really annoying. I'm using Mozilla which won't allow third-party cookies, and I am unable to load up the relevant thread I'm receiving notifications for. And there's no way I'm going to open up my browser to third-party cookies through my options menu as I don't like the idea of being tracked. If this keeps up, I just won't bother to make any sort of replies on your site.
    Hi. Could you please change my thread name Rise and fall of Rome: RFC DoC to [RFC DoC] The Rise and The fall of Roman Empire in Civ4 - Stories & Tales?
    I was wondering if you could approve my new scenario called World War III for Civ4BtS (World 2013 mod). Many thanks :)
    I was wondering if you could delete a thread called the rise of france in the stories section of the forum. I had to quit the game and I've gotten sick so my ablity to focus on righting has been greatly diminished. thank you in advance.
    I posted to the discussion forum a couple weeks back... I am just now getting on here for the first time since then... I am trying to find what I posted but I don't know how to find it now. Isn't there a link to my postings somewhere? I thought that I saw one at some point in the past, but now I am unable to find it. Thanks for the help.
    Hi, I just wanted to make sure that my signature is Ok before it becomes an issue. Can you confirm? I have a quote from an e-book, followed by a link to it. The book is not porn, but it is NSFW (which I point out in the sig). Thank you!
    Where do I go to post a question asking for help on a modding problem I have for Beyond the Sword? I'm looking at the forums but I cannot see where to go and I've been told off for not posting in that forum.
    I started a thread called Beginners Guide to the First 100 Moves in the Strategy Guides section for Civ4. It drew a lot of comments which I used to revise and extend my guide. At this point I see a problem in that most of the comments refer to older versions of the guide. I would not like to see all the comments removed, but I think it would be more useful for beginners if some of the older comments that no longer apply could be edited out. Thanks!
    I am unsure of the exact protocol here, but the discussion on the following thread http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=437499 has gotten completely off topic from the OP, and in doing so is now discussing controversial material that has little, if anything to do with Civilization 4 General Discussion topics. In fact out of 7 pages of posts, perhaps slightly over or under one page of the posts even contains discussion on the original topic or Civilization 4 at all, with near the entirety of the rest containing off topic discussion of a controversial nature. I am unsure of the exact procedure short of notifying you here, or if that is even necessary, but I thought it was considering the circumstances. Thank you.
    Hi, Tambien Here.
    Myself and a group of Civ4S&Ters have recently started a paper for the forums, designed to bring more viewers to the S&T forums. I wanted to know if it would be okay to post the paper in the CivIII, CivIV, and CiV General Discussions. Can't wait for your reply. :D

    The relevant Group and Thread:
    The Group
    The Thread
    There has recently been a thread opened up in Civ4 S&T called "Great Quotes of Civ4 S&T." A Sticky would be appreciated.

    Thanks. :D
    A new thread has been opened in the Civ4 Stories forum that is a new index of stories. You may want to sticky it.
    Hey. Would it be okay to open a thread in the general SG forum for SGOTM 13 team practice games?
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