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  • Had to log today in due to what seems some admin confusion. (Petek sent me a name change by mistake)

    Thought I'd say HI! while I'm here. Seems I haven't logged in for almost 12 years.

    ~Crazy Eddie
    Hey ... i know your busy. Seems i can not change my signature. do i need moderator to let me ?
    I cant find my recent new forum thread, I dont know where it is or really how to find it, I want people to see it.
    Your system for replying to email notifications has become really annoying. I'm using Mozilla which won't allow third-party cookies, and I am unable to load up the relevant thread I'm receiving notifications for. And there's no way I'm going to open up my browser to third-party cookies through my options menu as I don't like the idea of being tracked. If this keeps up, I just won't bother to make any sort of replies on your site.
    Hi. Could you please change my thread name Rise and fall of Rome: RFC DoC to [RFC DoC] The Rise and The fall of Roman Empire in Civ4 - Stories & Tales?
    I was wondering if you could approve my new scenario called World War III for Civ4BtS (World 2013 mod). Many thanks :)
    I was wondering if you could delete a thread called the rise of france in the stories section of the forum. I had to quit the game and I've gotten sick so my ablity to focus on righting has been greatly diminished. thank you in advance.
    I posted to the discussion forum a couple weeks back... I am just now getting on here for the first time since then... I am trying to find what I posted but I don't know how to find it now. Isn't there a link to my postings somewhere? I thought that I saw one at some point in the past, but now I am unable to find it. Thanks for the help.
    Hi, I just wanted to make sure that my signature is Ok before it becomes an issue. Can you confirm? I have a quote from an e-book, followed by a link to it. The book is not porn, but it is NSFW (which I point out in the sig). Thank you!
    Where do I go to post a question asking for help on a modding problem I have for Beyond the Sword? I'm looking at the forums but I cannot see where to go and I've been told off for not posting in that forum.
    I started a thread called Beginners Guide to the First 100 Moves in the Strategy Guides section for Civ4. It drew a lot of comments which I used to revise and extend my guide. At this point I see a problem in that most of the comments refer to older versions of the guide. I would not like to see all the comments removed, but I think it would be more useful for beginners if some of the older comments that no longer apply could be edited out. Thanks!
    I am unsure of the exact protocol here, but the discussion on the following thread has gotten completely off topic from the OP, and in doing so is now discussing controversial material that has little, if anything to do with Civilization 4 General Discussion topics. In fact out of 7 pages of posts, perhaps slightly over or under one page of the posts even contains discussion on the original topic or Civilization 4 at all, with near the entirety of the rest containing off topic discussion of a controversial nature. I am unsure of the exact procedure short of notifying you here, or if that is even necessary, but I thought it was considering the circumstances. Thank you.
    Hi, Tambien Here.
    Myself and a group of Civ4S&Ters have recently started a paper for the forums, designed to bring more viewers to the S&T forums. I wanted to know if it would be okay to post the paper in the CivIII, CivIV, and CiV General Discussions. Can't wait for your reply. :D

    The relevant Group and Thread:
    The Group
    The Thread
    There has recently been a thread opened up in Civ4 S&T called "Great Quotes of Civ4 S&T." A Sticky would be appreciated.

    Thanks. :D
    A new thread has been opened in the Civ4 Stories forum that is a new index of stories. You may want to sticky it.
    Hey. Would it be okay to open a thread in the general SG forum for SGOTM 13 team practice games?
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