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  • You might be interested in this.

    (If you're going to ask me what I just linked to, I'm not quite sure myself- but it is incredibly fun to read and influenced me quite a bit.)
    I used to love the album "Painkiller." I haven't really been into metal for a long time, though. Gives me panic attacks :p
    Yo, just wondering what made you compelled to Spinoza.
    I honestly don't remember much about him from my one philosophy class except the pantheism thing and freedom basically being not worrying.
    Okay, you actually have said that before, and I claimed you hadn't yet defined what postmodernism really is to you. The reason being that this to me sounded more like the consequence of what postmodernism is, and not, what it is, in itself.
    But okay, let's go with that. Not saying you or me are wrong, but the essential reason I don't approve of that characterization is that IMO "values" or dichotomies of good and bad imply a kind of thinking which is - ideally - fully transcended by postmodern thinking. But as said, that just may be how I understand postmodernism.
    Please note that in honor of my beautiful post count I replied to your latest post in the post-modernism discussion via an edit in my previous post.
    Thank you
    Worked as a journalist in Armenia -- never have seen this discussed. Almost no one I know ever speaks about monarchy. Italian and Armenian tempers are the most common link between us, it seems :)
    Hey, i am not hostile, i am just very annoyed at some dutch politicians, like your economy minister ;)

    And i have nothing against you personally, i hope this is evident :D
    Yes, but Her Majesty is blonde and pretty and I don't get the kind of exceptions her kind do.

    Skyrim? It has cats? There's not many cats in Fallout… but no, I will remain stronk and uphold the superiority of Fallout over TES.
    So gays can marry royalty but Catholics can't be monarchs? It msut be the strain of living under the sea level and next to those bicycle-thieves.

    Edit: also, where did you get that lovely cat picture for the avatar?
    Well, if Máxima Zorreguieta could marry the future King then why not I? I hope gay marriage is legal there. ;)
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