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  • Yeah that sounds good. I don't know who is going to win the civil war as of now. But if you want to write that story that sounds good
    Now there are two parties that claim your candidacy. So I need you to tell me which is the right one.
    I notice you subbed to the Ironclad Oath, but you have not commented on it yet? Do you wish to participate in it, or do you just want to follow how it goes?
    So after the communists unite the Dixie States and Pacific Columbia and makes peace with Australia (they are too strong to fight), what do you think should happen?
    By the way, should the communists beat the Socialist Coalition, I plan on having a Civil War. I know you're against communism. What region would you "support" in the anti-communist war? For instance, since the leading anti-communist is Stanley Bruce, Australia will be the capital for the anti-communist crusade.
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