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Dec 7, 2019
    1. Gritzeldrei
      Hello citis you probably won't see this but may I ask on what graphics mod did you use in your civ stories? They have the medieval-ish vibe on it and I would really like to use it in my games. Is it also compatible with DOC 1.16?
    2. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      You are drafted under "Ambroise Proulx's" (Trexeric's) leadership when you are drafted to fight in Southeast Asia. Although French military record has been good, the massacre in the Dakotas of America by Natives has been used as propaganda against Louis XV who, although popular, is becoming the target of disgruntled new generations.

      You meet Trexeric on a Ship of the Line sailing from Marseilles to Hainon, where he discusses his writings, his interests, and invites you to play a game of chess. What can you add to this story? How would your character react?
    3. Leoreth
      Yeah, no problem.
    4. Leoreth
      A compatible commit won't be possible, but I can upload the fixed file separately so you can continue your game.
    5. ales_
      Explain the situation to Leoreth. Maybe he'll upload a fix for you.
    6. Leoreth
      Sometimes it just works out that way :)

      By the way, the challenge threads are among the few that I don't always stay up to date on, so there's a higher chance that I'll see it when you post your feedback in the appropriate sticky thread.
    7. CaterpillarKing
      Is the version you are using the same as the one you sent me?
    8. CaterpillarKing
      Ah I see, that makes sense.
    9. CaterpillarKing
      What took you 10 minutes? Did you mean to reply to VGL?
    10. VGL
      That was a letter not from me
    11. CaterpillarKing
      Boooo! Stay with the timeliine! :p
    12. CaterpillarKing
      That doesn't change the fact that Lenin is 10 :lol:
    13. VGL
      Don't worry. it will either be about the decisions AI USA did in a update or be non game play related.
    14. CaterpillarKing
      Oh I thought he said 6. Well thanks! Also, love your avatar :lol:
    15. VGL
      I've updated the party policies.
    16. Spirictum
      Sorry citis, but I'm confused. I thought you said it was normal that Prime-Ministers weren't part of the Parliament, but then in the last post it seems you said the opposite.

      And when you say people elect the prime-minister, you mean indirectly right? Like they elect the representatives, which in turn choose/elect the Prime-Minister?
    17. Spirictum
      Really? I thought otherwise. But how can this be common in Presidential Republics if we don't have a prime-minister? And the President isn't part of the congress.

      If it's common for the prime-ministers to not be part of the chamber, then I'm ok with it, I really thought otherwise.
    18. Spirictum
      So to be Prime-Minister you don't have to actually be part of Duma. It sounds strange to me, but it's ok. Perhaps later I'll make a bill to change this, but I don't want to disrupt Orlov's second term
    19. CaterpillarKing
      We are not one party, but two parties allied closely. A vote for one is a vote for the other, but we are still totally autonomous. I will talk to VGL about this.
    20. CaterpillarKing
      Thank you czar
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    Modmod: Historical colours for DoC, version 2.0 released!
    Modmodmod: Bits of Tales: new modmod about bits of history: revive chinese unification, forge the greek colonial empire, more turns in ancient and classical era, meet the Franks and more

    *Greece: The dawn of Europeans: The story of ancient greeks expanding in east and west.
    *Dawn of Russians: From Rus states to Bolshevik Revolution. (awarded in the S&T Awards of 2014)
    *Dawn of Babylon : The story of Babylon becoming the most important metropolis of ancient times.
    *Dawn of Phoenicia: the story of Phoenicians and Carthaginians as they fight for their prosperity.
    *Guide for Polynesia