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  • I am remembering fondly having a few conversations with you about the making of Camelot! and am wondering if anyone still plays Civ3? Once Civ4 came out, and then definitely Civ5 & Civ6, it was no longer possible for the plebes to do any modding any more. Kinda miss those days. So if you happen to still be around, I wouldn't mind a bit of a reminice, that is if you're interested.
    Hello! It has been many years since I've lurked around on civfanatics. It is entirely likely that you do not remember me, but hopefully you might remember the Civ3 scenario, Camelot! Anyway, I was just mowing my lawn and for whatever weird reason, I began thinking of Camelot! and so came here. And now I am caught up by wistful, nostalgic memories of those days, 20 years ago! Huh, so much time.
    I just wanted to thank you personally for all your great units, especially the Visigoth ones! Are you planning on ever creating some more? And if you are, do you take requests?
    Valka D'Ur
    Valka D'Ur
    Thanks for posting in the Feminism thread. :)

    How is your fiction writing coming along?
    Thank you! I entered a "philosophy in fiction" competition recently with a short story, that I'm quietly hopeful about... other than that there just isn't time (or energy) at the moment...
    Yes, Myth Busters wouldn't be quite my thing... alas there's no time for Jack Reyn these days, I barely have time for myself!
    I just figured out that you appeared on the 'Myth Hunters' show, not Myth Busters. Should've known something was amiss when you said the History Channel.

    Is Jack Reyn ever coming back? If not, are you still writing fiction?
    Could it be that the site is down?

    Also, I see that you have begun your fifth decade. Conglaturation.
    Is there a rule precluding members from using the exact same (non-CFC) avatar picture? Or are there simply no rules whatsoever on what avatar picture can be used?
    It's heartening to know that you aren't behind most of those comments… the Anglo-centrism of most mainstream English newspapers is depressing… suffice it to say that I found an 'article' claiming that Millwall-West Ham was among the top 20 football rivalries in the entire world. :cringe:

    (I had a better reply written but a power cut made me restart, I have some thoughts I wanted to write on at length :undecide:)
    Do you use the name anywhere else? I've seen a few other Plotinuses commenting on the Telegraph and Guardian, among others.
    You're certainly a beacon of logic, patience and politeness (I've been lurking your debate on the Fine-Tuning thread).
    The Reactionary thread is positively delightful, is it not? It makes you see certain posters in a whole new light! It even made me to make a brief comeback to the OT.

    Lefty helped me change my user name already so disregard my email that I sent to you earlier. Thanks...
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