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  • Just curious, what do you use for the graphics on your Civ games? It's honestly beautiful
    Glad you think so ^_^ . Actually there aren't many stories featuring India (even as the Mughals) so its always good to see a story being made with India. I'm making an India story right now titled "Tryst with destiny" right now I beat back Alexander ! :D
    Oh, mine is a Turkish actor, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu. I had no idea your avatar was someone current. The hair looks really 70s.
    thanks! for the time being I'll try reducing FoL and RoK to 75 instead of 100 ( same as OO ) and see how it goes :)
    Hi Lone Wolf, I tried to download your ffh modmod but it's no longer available. I wanted to try your tweak to early religion spread rates :/
    Hi, I would just like to inquire about Varietas Delectat for Rhyes and Fall? It seems the file link is not working where gamefront says the file does not exist. Just would like to know if you plan to re-upload such the file once more?
    Please stop posting like that in my thread. I tolerate it in other places, but not there. I'm sure you understand why.
    Hi! Would you be interested in joining a Succession Game with me and maybe 1 or 2 other people? If interested, please tell me what difficulty level you are accustomed to. (i.e., highest that still allows you to beat the AI i BTS)
    You should join Statecraft and Duplicity. :) Seriously.

    Oh, and I wanted to tell you your FFH story is great.
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