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  • Wow lief hates me I think. You see that post in your #6 that I got modded for? He says that I was trolling by saying the other person lacked knowledge. -.- Why is it that I have yet to get an infraction when I actually troll, but I get them all the time when I use big words.
    Lol. Haven't find that save where you can steal workers one after the other in a derision manner.

    I'll answer your multiple questions once I get time and courage to kill some PM's.
    Mwuahahaha. I killed the post out of childishness.
    'twas in AI cheat thread by TMIT.

    I'll see if I can resurrect the post again. Need my necromicon book first.
    I WAS GIVIN' YOU AWESOME WORKER SUCCESSIVE STEALING TRICK (and a gift for a marathon-boosted player like you) and three days later...no one gave a f-ck about this...not even for the lulz.

    And I know you broke WastinTime into pieces.

    Oh night time approaching...time for trolling....:crazyeye:
    Do you mind if you on DanF5771's profile and make a thanks message for his work (like the excel file I gave to you and made by him)? He would be glad to know his work is appreciated. I feel bad you are giving me credit when initially biggest part of work (99%) was him.
    Hmm...you should reply back to my user profile as I almost thought you never answered back :eek:.
    Yes most games I can't figure because I don't play any more games since CivIII. Civ simply eradicated the thought of playing something else...and HoF competition (later SGOTM) made a revival of the game.
    The HoF community is simply put a handful of usual players (they are more now since TMIT vids of challenger series) who competes each others on specified settings (map, game speed, number of opponents) to gain the fastest win...which is also specified.
    Unfortunately, marathon games are rare and most are under normal speed.
    Sometimes, even the dreaded and despicable quick. Epic speed is common and may interest you.

    What competitions I am talking about are games called gauntlets and those challenger series.

    [Following next visitor message...]
    In S&T subforum, any HoF references are despised and I proposed you a better environment.
    I know some HoF people can be monster competitors under normal settings and those crusading against HoF type of playthrough are narrow-minded or elitist deity player.

    Anyways, take a look into HoF subforum (last subforum in Civ4 forum section)! You may like or not, that's up to you.
    It is always nice to see more people...often to see them seeing HoF games in a different light.
    I don't have anything against Mylene or Obosolete, if I want, I can kill any of them ;)

    And thx for the offer, PN me about the players that are part of the HoF Community and what you do mainly. I've played in some top online Clans like SuNriser or Valheru, I know, both saying you nothing I guess, but if you ever watched 300, you'll know what I mean ;)

    "They look thirsty, lets force them to the Cliffs!" :D

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