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  • Just noticed your response to the S&T Trade Routes article; hope that means you're becoming a bit more active again with BtS. Miss your presence on team Kakumeika. I hope you can join us again sometime in the near future.
    Wanted to say thanks for the articles and various other Civ 4 contributions. Used them shamelessly for a Civ Illustrated Guide in the Stategy Article forum.

    If the SGOTM bug ever bites you again (or Tachywaxon does :p), pretty sure Gold will be within grasp.
    Tried to be as useful as you were to the community. But I was downright wrong to take this path. All I get is mockery and yawning.
    Thanks for explaining to us the teleportation theory. Man I wished yesterday when I fiddled with the SoD from WastinTime's tests to teleport you in the SGOTM team thread... ;)
    TY for your great work!

    Your scientific approaches to reading the code and analyzing it are making my games 10 times easier / better than before!!!
    Hey Dan,
    I've heard a lot about you on these forums, the 'code god':) and so on. And I've also got a lot of hidden info from your posts. So I'd appreciate if you'd tell me what the AI excuse for not becoming a vassal 'You've grown too powerful for us' means. In RFC, I think it means that the vassal limit has been reached, but then what does it mean in normal BtS?
    Thanks a lot for your help:D
    And congrats on your thousandth post!:D
    EDIT:The thread is here.
    Just posting my thanks for every detailed post you've made; I've learnt so much about the intimate mechanics of CIV thanks to you. You're pobably not around anymore, but you really deserve a thank. Be sure you've left a good mark on Civfanatics.
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