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  • Plz help me Tachy, what do you mean with "Attack on titan (= nice) " ?

    Why would I speak to the enemy team@! >:] But in all seriousness I have only been posting in the SGotM, and lurking in SnT a little. I have very little time for Civ lately due to my girlfriend wanting me to be at her place 24/7, and honestly forgot to say hello. :(

    But SAO is overrated! You should watch Shingeki no Kyojin instead, it is much better.
    Hey there! I will definitely look at it sometime :) Thanks for that! Although I've lost my gaming PC so am stuck with an Apple, so it might be a while before I get to play again!
    Hey Seraiel! I want to personally invite you to play G-Major 118. Actually I am calling to you to step up and show us what you got! Forget EQM and earn some more respect (you are doing well with that btw)!
    "Modifying Contact or Ignore List." is not my action at all. I just wrote down the activity you were doing when I accessed your profile. Yeah, random sadistic me.

    Um, haven't forgot you. IIRC, you are the german guy in medecine with a OCD(don't ask me, it was you who said it) that loves HoF format and brought us 5 replays for highest score. Sixth was the first attempt at normal speed with Romans. Don't worry, I have a really strong long term memory.
    BTW, I encourage you to see the latest accomplishment of your muse. 700 AD space colony is nothing to sneeze at. See it in the HoF Discussion thread.
    No, Imma not dead in the strict sense. Just that RL is starting to engulf me and make my activities on CivFanatics minimal. Otherwise, I would still continue my second instalment of fastest IMM space colony game.
    Oh I was just kidding! Don't worry about it! :) Hope everything is going fine for you!
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