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  • sorry for the critics, view them as help. i really like your units, that's why i am bothering myself and yourself writing the commentaries in the forums...;)
    8. Female characters used to not in military suits (Nzinga of Angola)
    9. The Nubia has close ties with the outer world, make them more likely civilzed in Middle Ages
    10. Most Siam people were origined from China and the religion is origined from India, can you make them more likey to China and India, and edit Shwedagon Paya as the background should be a good coice
    11. The Modern American inhabitants looks like industrial people, make them as Industrial Era representatives and replace their orginal place (perhaps in front of a casino)

    That's all for the VM, a great thanks for your reading sincerely and your great job!
    I am looking forward to your reply.
    Finally, there are some miscellaneous ones, I shall list them in point forms:
    3. The part beneath the collars should have more decorations
    4. The Isabella of Spain should be an ambitious figure, and Spain in ancient times was more civilized than other plaes in Europe beside the Classical world.
    5. I shall suggest the Caesar of Rome standing in front of the staircases of the Senate, and wearing a Triregnum on his head. In Industrial Age, he is standing in front of somewhere like a Spy Agency, try to switch it to other place else
    6. Acording to some facts or works, Alexander of Macedon has a golden hair. And he looks completly different between all eras, except his eyes, try to fix in order to have more similarities
    7. Mali had a glorious past in medieval
    Greeting to you!
    I am a newcomer to the CFC and have recently read your topic, Shiro's Works (Feb 26, 2005, 01:47 PM), I do have some comments on your leaderheads personally, though they were excellently made ad I am willing to practise them in my scenarios, but I hope that there are more better and better quality works, here are my advices that maybe harsh:

    Firstly, the backgrounds can be more futher developed, the place where the leader is standing is also important, try not to let them standing in front of a national monument or modern city screens, they seemed like photos.

    Secondly are the make-ups and clothings. The leaders' garments should be as advanced as possible, not looking like as a villager or townspeople. Also, the females' clothing can be fitter to a national leader more appropriately as a solemn figure
    Just a reminder regarding the LH's I requested. Are you still very busy? Hope your doinr well. Best regards.
    Nevermind, I have found a workaround. The link is a little tricky though needed a little correction. I posted the correct one in the topic :)
    Hi ShiroKobbure!

    Could you check that the FLC-s of your Meiji Tennou 4th version is still available? I cannot download it, it gives me just a 0 byte rar file :(

    Thank you!

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