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  • Another thing holding me back currently, is, that I'm just playing a Standard / Normal game, where I managed to Oracle Civil Service, and will maybe have Cuirrassiers in the BCs (though I don't believe the last, because nobody is researching Music for me and the other AIs (except Mansa) are so backwards, that I'm probably going to research Nationalism on top myself.
    I will think about your invitation, Shulec . Atm. I'm seriously obsessed, with getting an EQM, and what also disturbs me about the current Gauntlet, is, that it's not on Deity. I know, it's an AW game, and that those are maybe even impossible to be won at all on Deity, but Monarch really doesn't sound that interesting.

    Make sure, that one of the next Gauntlets will be on Deity, and you'll be sure to see me playing.

    P.S.: Has anybody won the current Gauntlet already? If all have failed until now, the challenge could seriously interest me ^^ .
    shulec: I ain't gonna play tha' $hit. I'm gonna be mute, so is the way to let it out. No need to for a clear refusal...trololol.
    No need to say I'm slow as hell like last time. Just to prevent it. I know everyone is thinking the same. Mea culpa...
    You speak the truth about space colony games. I have always been poor at them, which exposes me as an incomplete overall player. I have been considering focusing some effort this direction to motivate myself.
    Sossos never said xOTM is lame; he said the people there are lame and don't really play competitively. He pities peole like you and me. Nevertheless, he ain't god.

    Abusing of the weak is a personal pleasure of mine, but, you see, not everyone enjoys the game identically. For now, I do enjoy space games more than conquest/dom because of the depth of that victory. It's a balance between warring and personal economical skills throughout the game.

    I think you have bad attitude or just momentary spleen. There are ways to not exploit inept AI's and work more on the player aspect. Of course, deity won't really allow you to remain in autarchy w/o some good imp. war, but there is a science on how to balance everything out. Just like sossos guy tells us everyday.

    Iso games (although boring for >90% of the community) are a place for those who want to improve self-regard play skill.
    You sadist. But that's ok.
    at the bottom says all about mah feeling on this game while I played.

    You haven't realized my Saladin 1700 AD space colony game took me likely >30 hours too. At least, there is more of a reward compared to any time game. Only WastinTime likes wasting his time on such horrific stuff.

    What can I say? I guess "whatever" is the ultimate response once you realize you're discussion partner is actually just a block of reinforced concrete. :)
    Yep, that game. It ends up with a nice cliffhanger.

    Oh, that Washington game. Yeah, given the strategic resource beneath capitals, I guess you got rushed afterwards. Even though I haven't started, I see you got the same idea as me; worker stealing is terribly helping in this scenario given the dearth of...everything.
    But can go wrong easily because of that same dearth of everything.
    Hey, if you're curious to see my typical play in detail, see my thread in S&T subforum. It's also entertaining.
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