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  • You have inspired me to change my avatar. I chose a fun-loving image inspired by one of the few good things from Episode I. You probably didn't notice, but in my previous avatar, I had used the "Star Wars" font for "Chicago Cubs!"

    p.s. I also look forward to seeing the trouble thou hath stirred in the next update!
    Needed something to go with my dark side. I'll be stirring up more trouble on the 2/10 update.
    Why not as a bystander? Like doing one turnset. Bystander has more flexibility.
    DanF didn't even play the game, but was a great help.
    There is a cultural condition...we all know you are expert on that subject.
    It's all about population. I probably have 100 cities (I didn't count) and each one has Sushi corp with something like 60-70 seafood. Download the save and check it out. I'd be happy to answer questions
    How in the world do you get all those points? ;) I mean, seriously, what's your strategy. I play on chieftain, and I only get a few thousand.
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