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  • Because you participated in either CityIOT or its Redux, you are being invited/encouraged/requested to join a new game in the same vein.
    Hi talonschild. Welcome to end of empires and the ethir. If you need any aid ic or ooc, I'm your man.
    Don't worry about the one city thing for now, there'll be plenty to place throughout world-building.

    Also, internal problems will be created, if you don't. Not so much to make it harder, as to give every nation different factions for when the world-building phase ends.
    I am, so you know, planning if possible to get orders in this evening. Time to be on the Internet is limited.
    If you want to play as Herobrine's child you are very welcome! I think Herobrine and Merciary will be good parents, they have a house, tools and plenty of food coming in ;)

    The baby will be born this turn, assuming Herobrine doesn't die. You won't be able to do anything until the turn after when you become a playable child. But you can claim the spot if you want.
    Hey, are you still interested in NESCraft? Your name is now top of the re-incarnation queue. I've stopped magically spawning adult people, but you can still be born in-game. Herobrine is expecting a baby right now :)
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