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  • So you do Ilduce assassination against me...but not mine against anyone else? Biased much?
    Hey, Dommy really wants to be Florida. He likes Floridia as much as I like New York. Perhaps if you can let him have Florida, and just claim some random Carribean islands, we could have yet another member of the Allies.
    Hey, if you are joining in on Realpolitik 2, then may I suggest you join the Assassin's Guild? You can tell by reading the description that they're a lot of fun(all parties and their group description is on page one of the Realpolitik 2 thread)! If you wish to join a party or group, simply post what group you would like to join in the Realpolitik 2 forum thread. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=414785&page=27
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