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  • For the power that borders I to the south (in the most north of Canada) and to my west; may I ask them not to expand to Alaska and try block off my land path there?
    Friggin copycats.

    I just want to keep playing but I don't want to have to deal with Jeho and Sone in any capacity whatsoever.
    Really though I just want to go terrorist or NGO or something in the game. Maybe merc band?
    rapidoazulsonic (4/5/14 9:23:41 PM): Oh god

    Also change your damn name back to Tany on here so I can quicksearch easier
    The difference between 40 and 41 is the map looks better.

    But yeah how much money am I even getting for Muslim provs I control and every Muslim prov?
    In Sons of Mars, I would like to note that I am just allying with Thailand. I am not interfering in the war between Laos and Burma. Just to make it clear.
    Why do I only have 12 more income than Inca in spite of having one more prov, the same infra, and 219 more provs of my religion? I also should be getting more client income. If we both lacked holy cities then the income disparity would be expected.

    But Sunni is friggin huge.
    Currently posting from phone; I won't have proper Internet access for several more days; if you could automate Kerala for this turn, I would appreciate it.
    Say Tani: did I ask diplomacy incorrectly by setting it in orders? :(

    I would love to forge defense unions with my fellow Old World (AKA Native) powers.

    Those of the Haudenosaunee must stand with the League of Peace and Power in a united stand for the protection of the Earth, our people and our spirits. We will need to consider also empowering trade relations.
    It is the belief of the Palatine that no one should be forced to change their religion as part of a political agreement. Religion and Politics should be to a degree separate. We would never want to force our beliefs on our allies, in doing that we would become just as bad as the Pope.

    However we will stand with you, to fight Catholic oppression.
    Will migration be taken account of? Considering the likely borders between the colonies and the League of Peace and Power.

    By the way: how will the Great Law of Peace be measured in game-play terms?
    In Sons of Mars, will it be okay to write an RP about a Han Chinese Vice-Governor of Qing Beijing being assassinated by Taoist Xiang?
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