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  • Man, I don't know if you ever check CFC, but if you do, please look at this post


    It's an alt hist about the Nintendo and Sony partnership never falling apart. Despite this, it actually manages to be more about Sega than Nintendo. It's really fascinating and you'd probably enjoy the Sega bits more than I would. In many ways, both Nintendo and Sega both manage to stay stronger due to this PoD than in otl, which I think we can agree that is a better outcome than otl :P
    Yay, glad you are doing well, iot has has become VERY rainbow, lots of closets, lots of people coming out of them, if you spend time on the lgbt group though you probably know who :p
    Hi Tani, I haven't seen you in a long time, I hope you are doing well, and we would all love to see you get back into IOT and to hop on the IOT chat now and then.

    Anyways Hope you are doing well, miss you and hope to see you more often. :D
    Just a heads up the economy tab on the first turn's stats has become unhidden. Not sure if that was intentional.
    Sorry about disappearing the phone just rung, unfortunately typing with one hand made that incomprehensible.
    Sorry for not being as active as I should have in your IOT. I just recently gotten more involved with making digital fan art at dA and gotten some positive feedback which is helping my confidence. With work, I had to chose between DYOS, making fan work, and IOT. I hope you understand my situation :).
    Okay the merc band isn't happening is it?

    Just tell me which country needs an antipope.
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