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The Capo
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  • Hey Capo, its been too long. I was feeling nostalgic to the fun old days of Civ4 LH projects and wanted to see who was still around. I hope all has been well with you!
    Thanks! :D Yeah, it's far more difficult than 'normal' leaderhead making, but I guess it will be kind of a revolutionary idea if it will be done. And who knows, maybe this will be the future of leaderhead making, because we are already out of new leaderhead ideas (I've had so many stupid projects like Mozart, for example), so this would let us recreating the old leaders, making them full-body leaders.
    Very cool, I love new ideas. Even if this doesn't catch on, it is still a great step in an innovative new direction and should pave the way for more stuff like this. Good stuff man.
    Quite a secret, but it's quite an open secret, since I've already told cool3a2 and AbsintheRed about it.

    So I'm making a Horthy Miklós v3, but it will be a lot different from previous leaders (or from any leader), he will be a full body leader. Actually, he's not a leader"head" anymore, so I can't say that about him. I've made a horse, and that's why I asked bone swapping, but I've finally figured it out.

    If you are interested here is a picture (WIP):

    I've already made the animation of the horse (the greetings anim), so I'll move on the rest of the anims now. I hope you'll like it. :D
    Alright, well let me know how it goes. If you don't mind me asking, what are you working on?
    Yes, but I don't think I'll need that help anymore. And since you can't help me right now, I won't bother you with these problems. ;) Thanks for answering anyway.
    Damn Nitram, a little impatient aren't we? I haven't made a leaderhead in a while, as far as I know Ekmek's guide is pretty spot on. I am working on a new leaderhead (well sort of) for a modular civ I am making. I planned on this also being my reintroduction to making leaderheads, so I'll attempt a skeleton swap and see if I still got it. Then I can help you, alright?
    You know, if you don't know how to do such thing, then at least tell it to me. I'll ask other people then (but Ekmek was offline in the last few days, and I need this answer quickly). Thanks anyway.
    Hi The Capo!
    You've made leaderheads with custom animation, didn't you? Then I guess you know how this 'Bone swap' thing works. So the problem is that I made a leader who had (quite a few) new bones exported it (it worked) and by NifSwap I simply didn't know what to do. I copied the new bones (in NifSkope) and pasted into other skeleton, but it didn't work actually work, since the bones pasted were tilted and deformed (scaled, I mean). Can you give me tip? Thanks in advance. :)
    Hey everybody, I know it is impossible to keep track of what is going on with me from the few posts I have made, but my computer was ruined in a flood due to a hurricane, so I am in the process of trying to get stuff from it in hopes that I didn't lose everything. There have been some other things going on too. But in the very near future I should be back to my old habits, so don't fret.
    I'm impressed with your skinning abilities, and I was wondering if you could possibly do a favor for me. I'm thinking of making a mod that puts you in control of the USA from Jamestown on, and I was wondering if you would possibly do some modifications to the infantry skins, changing the uniform to greeen and swapping in different guns like the Thompson, M1A1 Carbine, M1 Garand, M16A1, M21, and M14? It will be a big help, and you will have some units with cool skins.
    Also, if yu want to, you can change the animations
    The Capo,when are you going to release Benazir Bhutto,where you and Bernie14 are working on?
    Hey, I figured since I have A LOT of projects I am working on with even more people interested in them I should probably just post about them all here. For those of you waiting on the next playtest for the mod; I just started putting the backup files together for the first attempt at adding Inquisitors, once I accomplish that I will send it out so it is only a matter of time until I figure out how to get it to work. For those of you waiting on my leaderheads, specifically Arpad, Bhutto, Medici, Muwatalis, etc. I will pick up working on those once I get my mod's next playtest out, for those of you with "special projects" (i.e. they are behind the scenes/not public) I will start working on those in sequence of when I told you I'd work on them (so if it was a long time ago I'll probably do yours first). I apologize for whatever inconvenience this may be causing anybody, but I agreed to do much more than I wound up having time for. I'm trying my best to get this all done asap.
    Yeah, I did. All you have to do is replace an existing file with your own. Since I used NextWar as the base for my mod, I replaced the 'Art/Interface/Main Menu/Next_War_Main_Menu.dds' file with one of my own. It is pretty simple.
    The Capo,

    A few years back, as I find in the forums, you asked:

    "I just have a simple static image that already has a title on it, so I just need the image to show up, that's it."

    Did you ever find the solution to simply putting a graphic as the intro background in the game?

    Any help is appreciated.
    hi the capo,
    sorry for the delay, I was on vacation.
    If the mapscript sets the features (forests) automatically, it should work fine, because I set the attitudes like the jungle. A bit higher.
    If the mapscript creates it, then you have to add this feature into the script and just check the attitudes (x,y - coordinates) to set a savanna or not. can you follow?
    Alright, well I have managed to overload myself with projects at a time when I don't have much home-time to work on them. So everything is getting delayed (this includes LHs, units, and a mod) on my end right now. I should probably not take up other LHs until I finish Camillo Benso and Arpad first.
    Yeah I could add his horse to the background - but we need a better model than a unit one including texture. I was think we could do some clean up on the animations - maybe add the "removing helmet" animation that you wanted at first. We could also bake the textures.

    I think we need to update the Hitler LH too. I could probably do is "limp, over the shoulder salute" instead of the fist pounding one.
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