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The Turk
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  • What is your opinion on the Turks' race? They probably have the most convoluted genes in the world. I don't imagine you saw my post called Fall of the Caucasians, but I decided in an alternate future type of scenario, that if a virus killed off the "Caucasians", that the Turks would be fine. They fall more into Asian, but are more Caucasian now since the Byzantines, Arabs, Mongols, Armenians, etc.
    But you're a Turk! You're a natural expert. Hah.
    I'm sorry about that..
    I thought you were Muslim since you mentioned once having a Moslem family, IIRC :)

    Yeah.. the firework and (traffic jam) are gonna be massive tonight, here! *excited*
    I'm Catholic.. so I don't fast hehe..
    But I sometimes "fast" due to no food market or restaurant open during the day.. :p

    Have fun on the celebration too! :)
    Happy Eid-Ul-Fitr day!

    May this holy day bring abundant joy and happiness in your life :)
    Allah bless you..
    Hi there, I've responded to your recent post. Please look at it when you get a chance, because I'm wondering if there's a bug in RoE 3.0
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