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  • You might want to alter your signature. Insults in signatures are not a option for proggressive debate.
    I like your character in Comfortably Numb. Especially how he has corrupted officers on his payroll.

    I smell a potential enemy for my Chief Soto. :mischief:
    Hey kmelt. Sorry for lack of reply for 3 months.

    It's Halbbruder.

    P.S. Wow...this server has really let itself go.
    Are you aware of the CFC election? Will you be voting for the Domination Campaign? If not, could you be convinced to do so?
    Please change your signature to fit within the forum rules. Either five lines (total) of size=2 font, or 7 lines total of size=1 font. Please don't mix-n-match, unless it's obviously below the limit.
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