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  • You ever read anything by Robert Sapolsky? He's got some good YouTubes too. I was reading one of his books on stress & aging and thought of you.
    My percepts will be different from yours. The transgenes will induce some of my cones to report color, but not the same as what you see.
    I am looking forward to next year, when you finally get to see the world as we colour-viewers do.
    That's more appreciation than I grasp. :blush: Thanks, dude. I'll try to stick around a bit more. :)
    Sorry I'm slow my my message board. I rather like Formy. I just seem to get PMS-y and my tolerance for debate tactics that annoy me varies. I appreciate the kind thought though!
    To be fair, I think I found the "God found Jesus" gag years ago on a website somewhere. :)
    I thought it's a pretty powerful rebuttal, actually. No one blinks when saying that Jacob had two wives.
    What was the name of Jacob's wife in the Bible?

    I didn't get the point of your rebuttal until I actually thought about the answer. ;)
    I'm frankly shocked that native Anglophobes don't know the words abhorrent and aberrant. Ziggy's European, so he gets a pass. :)
    Just wondering, what's your view on gun ownership? I don't think you've commented on any of the gun control threads (I could be wrong about this.)

    I know you self-identify as a leftish libertarian, but you're also from Canada so maybe guns doesn't enter that spectrum for you?;)
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