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  • Hey TheLopez, I was looking at your Sniper mod and when I tried to download it I got a 404 error. Could you please re-upload it if you get the chance?
    Hi TheLopez,
    I was wondering if you knew how to mod the minimap so that borders only show up on land tiles in the minimap only. Thank you

    I cannot save using your Tech Editor
    I just wanted to use it to disable Techs (stop tech progression) but it doesn't work!
    I was going to make a Renaissance-Type Mod, but I cannot save. Please help!
    I've just downloaded your Satesman and it is a nice job! Thanks!

    I thought civ could have a king unit, a unit each civ begins with one attached to the palace (if the palace is moved, it moves too), but, during a war, it breaks free and must be protected, otherwise, who loses the king have an anarchy long period during the war or any other penalty that suits it better!

    I would really appreciate it if you could upload the code for your 'Resource Stockpiling' mod. I was really hoping to use it. I know a fair amount of SDK stuff and have a friend who's a C++ expert, so I think I would know how to use it. Please?
    My wishlist for trait options would include the following:

    Changing yields of improvements (like +1 food from farms, +1 hammers from workshop, etc. I'm picturing an Egypt with one trait called Power of the Nile, which increases wonder speed, farm production improved, etc., a workshop for England is more productive, etc.)
    Reducing war weariness
    Changing yields from buildings (like in the awesome civics mod, only trait linked not civic linked).
    Worker speed changes
    IF it's possible, a trait that builds roads faster OR let's you regard terrain like a road (like in Civ V).
    Stuff like that
    Dear TheLopez.

    I love what you've done by enabling more options for civics. I was wondering if you could enable more options for traits as well? I'm currently working on a new mod that will make each civ have it's own set of unique abilities, and while there are many good ones already the more the merrier.
    Oh, ok, I've warned you! :p

    What I'd love to see would be something like the tile improvement system from Call to Power: In essence, you'd have a slider (akin to research/cultuer/etc.) that stockpiles infrastructure points. Then, instead of micromanaging workers around the map, you buy new improvements with these points. Of course, it's probably horrendously complex to implement (new stockpile + menus for managing that stuff + interface to place improvements on the map + AI shouldn't suddenly stop improving the tiles).
    Well, you updated the MAD mod already, so... and all ideas I have are waaaay to complex, I'm afraid!
    Good evening,

    I'm trying to use your mercenaries mod, which I much say is very very impressive. However, I'm having a hard time making it work int he way I want it to. I'm trying to limit the sort of units that come up. There is an INI file now to say which units will not be included, but some of these units come up anyway. The units I want to be included aren't coming up. Can you give me a hand, any advice is appreciated.
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