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Apr 25, 2022
Aug 21, 2006
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Jun 29, 1991 (Age: 30)
Ft. Lauderdale

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Wandering the World, 30, from Ft. Lauderdale

thomas.berubeg was last seen:
Apr 25, 2022
    1. Takhisis

      We're in the process of reviving CFC Mafia. Would you be interested in playing the next game, after the current one ends?
      1. Takhisis
        For the record, we're now in signups as stated in my signature, in case you're interested. :)
        Jan 25, 2020
    2. gay_Aleks
      Hey, man. Not pushing ya but are you still joining? Or did you forget about it? :)
    3. CivOasis
      Please submit RP for Still Waters as soon as you are able.
    4. CivOasis
      You have not submitted RP for Still Waters yet - this is a reminder to do so.
      Orders are due Sunday at 4:00 PM EST, but I will be unavailable until that time.
    5. CivOasis
      If you get a chance to update your history, I'm looking at a launch date of Tuesday (tomorrow if all goes well)
    6. SouthernKing
      captios: endonym is Zigyőrország
      captios: comes from a direct translo of flatland/lowlands eg polanie
      captios: to magyar
    7. Lord_Herobrine
      The incredible odds that were against me for obtaining ANOTHER GECK help to reassure this was the right timing to come back. :D
    8. Lord_Herobrine
      I will contemplate on it. If I can come up with a decent backstory thats not too repetitive, then sure. Since you're thinking Fort Sumter, I'm thinking something "revolutionary." ;)
    9. Lord_Herobrine
      I am seriously contemplating joining again haha. After my group dying out so long ago, I think I need to try again. The only problem is time though. Haven't had much since I started college and got a full time internship. Only just easing back into the NES/IOT community again from my hiatus with dominatr's NES.
    10. CivOasis
      The languages you're dealing with are tritonal (contour tones - rising, flat, and falling). They follow, roughly, (C)V(C) syllable structure, where c is a consonant and v is a vowel. Adjectives follow nouns.

      Mawr also sounds too much like the Indo-European root for ocean IMO.

      Uh... tbh I'm feeling a bit lazy on searching phonetic symbols atm. I can give them to you later if you want, but if you'd like to pick through what I have there first, I can do just each word for now after that.
    11. Omega124
    12. Grandkhan
      Sorry, apparently I missed you earlier. PM me?
    13. CivOasis
      I would like to formally thank you for your involvement in Cradle of Man so far. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the final daily update, and the final update in this format; for this reason, please remember submit any final archaeological stage ideas you have in time for the update.

      As part of the update - which may take quite some time - I will be releasing a very large amount of information. You can see more details on this in the thread.

      Following the update, the next phase of the project will to be to map religions and ethnic groups/cultures in the more common sense across the world. While naming will need to fit into the world itself, I would still like to suggest that you begin planning out these details - and I will not set any limits at this point in time as to how many you may create - to be submitted as part of the next phase, if you are interested in doing so.
    14. Nuka-sama
      Hey I need your orders
    15. Civ'ed
      yep, but as a caveat, I can't code :p
    16. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      In a few hours I'll be out unfortunately - but we've got two weeks to chat. Is there another time that'd be good today or another day?
    17. Golden1Knight
      Thank you, if I need something I will notify you without hesitation. :D
    18. thomas.berubeg
    19. Jehoshua
      Note: I decided to fill in the northwest corner with liminal spirit land with my second action, since my collaborative exercise to create a joint race seems like it will have to wait till next turn. You might still like to create land though, since with Zapperiscus' amendment the age of creation will end this turn, making it the last opportunity for players to wantonly fashion the world to their liking.
    20. Jehoshua
      Not strictly speaking an island, a continent. Basically for aesthetic reasons I'd like you to fashion your land to fill in the water behind the mountainous land I made (in the northwest corner). It would make it look better on the map :p

      As to the project on collaborating with a player on the creation of a race, its proceeding although not so far atm as to have a confirmed engagement just yet (I'd prefer to have it done this turn for the sake of chronology, if I can't then I suppose I can do something else, plenty of time yet though)
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    Jun 29, 1991 (Age: 30)
    Ft. Lauderdale
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