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  • ai teammates at least don't do blatantly stupid adhd crap

    and I'm terrible at defending the goal so I can't complain there lol
    Mostly, I think it's the best format. Duel is kinda wonky, and the smallest skill difference tends to magnify in such a way that it's always a blow out one way or the other. Doubles kinda feels like "why am I not playing standard?" and chaos is too much.
    yeah their mindset is just

    BALL BALL BALL BALL must always be hitting the BALL BALL BALL
    seriously though it's the worst when your moronic teammate comes flying in and ruins your perfectly lined up shot
    With the ongoing devaluation of the Argentine peso, I might just buy one very thin slice of pressed ham.

    The rest means that my theories are true and I have finally managed to discover a Communist conspi
    You really should be paying the artist some royalties.

    Damn those wiki bastards, they want free stuff. Smells of Communism. That's probably the reason for the dwarf being red.
    May I ask why reketrebn's picture is that of the T-X from Terminator 3?

    P.S. I still love your profile picture.
    So insistent on a dead qt and you haven't even bothered to post in it when I sent you the link. :p
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