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  • I'd forgotten that I'd asked, by now. I'll give it a try at some point.

    Welcome back to the forums, I guess.
    It this Clash of Clans free to play, by any chance? I don't have any available video game money.
    Are you interested in playing in the annual fantasy baseball league this season? It's H2H category scoring.
    You coming to London? It would be really significant to meet you after all these years if it possible?
    I'm pulling an all nighter to finish one of my classes tonight in which I will recommend to reduce income inequality in this country by taxing capital gains as income, and then added two new tax brackets at 600k a year and 1.5 mil a year respectively, to be taxed at 42% and 52%. I would love to know why this might be a bad idea. I don't need to know before my paper though so no rush! I just would like an alternate perspective for myself.
    Hope that is what you meant about a better OP.. don't want to step on any toes by making the thread after it being locked...
    Well i'm not gonna lie, I did encourage her. I thought such a picture would have been enough for it not to get locked though. Please unlock it?
    Did you look at the attached picture? Why can't Boundless start such a thread?

    (I am writing since she can't message you under 5 posts...
    Happy Birthday for the other day buddy, sorry I missed it but I was on holiday round Europe! Hope it was fun!
    Any chance of a reply to my PM in the near future?

    If that e-mail thing was more than a subtle hint, I can repackage it and send it there.
    (also, you keep writing on your own wall. you have to click "view conversation" to reply to me!
    What's up fellas? All's good my way. I talk to Bede and Harriet every so often. They're playing a RPG game and want me to join them. I haven't had the time but it sounds like they're having fun.

    What are you guys up to?
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