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Jul 8, 2002
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    1. caketastydelish
    2. Zack
      How the hell did you get to over 10 000 friends?
    3. Quackers
      On the junk food tip, isn't a gram of protein from a macdonalds burger no different from a gram of protein from steak?

    4. Quackers
      How do i get a body like a greek god Z?
    5. Quackers
      Thanks for the tips. If overheating isn't the cause what is?

      Btw, you might know something about this: facial exercises. Is this a good way of firming up the skin, avoiding aging and so on? Or is it all a load of nonsense?
    6. Quackers
      Yoyoyoyo, any home-made cooling laptop solutions? I got no money for anybody to look at it properly, it will instantly shut down <1hour if i am playing any game. Alternatively, if you have a functioning computer you're willing to give away i''ll happily take it ;)
    7. Quackers
      My condolences. That is a shame. As a proud Englishman it is near impossible to have any positive intentions toward a Frenchman or related :(
    8. Quackers
      You are a French-Canadian?
    9. Quackers
      It's true you cannot account for other betters, but i've come across sites with track records where they have made 15% - 30% returns. That is far greater than you could get in a bank. Not even proven wall street wizards can match that.
    10. Quackers
      I'm surprised you don't know why it's worth it. If you know, on balance, the team mostly likely to win you can bet money and make a positive net return.
      I've seen plenty of websites with proven track records who have a positive net return.
    11. Quackers
      You're a big stats wizard, right?
      Do you use your powers for good? Like predicting sports events?
    12. Cutlass
      OK. Thanks anyways.
    13. Cutlass
      What's happened to fiftychat?
    14. hobbsyoyo
      Your new avie and user title is pretty baller! People get too worked up over the bitcoins. :lol:
    15. Terxpahseyton
      Okay. It is just that you have been keeping to a smug posting style for some time and now you make it your title but then act kinda surprised when I confront you with it. You see what I am saying? Hell, you of course can be what you want to be. You in any case are one of the better posters. I just felt like asking what was up.
    16. Terxpahseyton
      So you are neutral and/or ashamed of being smug?
    17. Terxpahseyton
      Why are you (apparently) proud of being smug?
    18. caketastydelish
      You work as an app developer, is this correct?
    19. Maniacal
      >or you can give me admin access and I'll fix it for you.)

      I, for one, welcome our new Overlord Zelig. All hail Windows 8!
    20. Antilogic
      I've been meaning to ask what your user title means, esp. BRE. Is this from EU3 or a IOT thing?
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