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Aegean 2016-10-05


  1. Evanescence
    v1.2 [7.18.2013]
    Size: 62 x 52

    A small map of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding regions. Includes modern day Greece, and parts of Macedonia and Bulgaria, as well as most of Anatolia and Cyprus.

    A great region to play in, to be sure. Future projects may extend the map or move the focus to a slightly different point.

    - Initial Release.

    - Atolls are added to represent smaller islands in the Aegean, as well as to make the island groups a little more receptive to settlements.
    - Some terrains have been modified for balance reasons.

    - Coastlines have been adjusted.
    - Central Anatolia have become slightly more productive.


    1. aegean_I83.jpg