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Appenine 2016-10-05


  1. Evanescence
    v1.1 [9.22.2011]
    Size: 60 x 58
    Random resources
    Random starting locations

    A map spanning the Italian peninsula and the surrounding regions. Contest for dominance in the birthplace of the mighty Roman empire!

    Expanded coast tiles allow more freedom for early naval maneuvers. Atoll features are used to represent tiny islands, and provide small bonus for coastal cities.

    - Southern section of the map expanded by 4 tiles, allowing for placement of the island of Malta and some minor islands. The section of North Africa included in the map is now considerably larger, although still remains an unappetizing prize as its interior is dominated by deserts, hills and mountains.
    - Northeastern tip of Sicily is extended by 1 tile, making the Strait of Messina harder to navigate if under hostile control.
    - Most mountain tiles of the Alps are now placed over snow tiles. This serves absolutely no purpose, but I did it anyway because it looks nice on WB.


    1. appenine_CHR.jpg