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African Egyptians 2

Changes the Egyptian civilization's ethnicity and unit appearance to African.

  1. Kahotep
    Link on Steam Workshop

    This mod changes the appearance of the ancient Egyptian civilization's units to have the native African look instead of their default Middle Eastern (as in Arabian or West Asian) one. This affects both the appearance of the units themselves as well as their icons in the lower-right corner of the UI.

    After remaking this mod for the Gathering Storm-related updates, something funny happened during the play-testing. The first time I loaded a game with it installed, the Egyptian units looked European rather than African. However, once I restarted the game, the units looked African as they should. This applied to all other games I started with Egypt as well. So I must warn you that this mod may not work the very first time unless you restart the game, although it should work for all subsequent games.