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African Egyptians 1.0

Switches the Egyptian civilization's ethnicity to African.

  1. Kahotep
    This simple mod switches the ancient Egyptian civilization's ethnicity from Mediterranean to African, since it is supposed to represent the indigenous pre-Islamic (that is, African) culture. As of now unit graphics, unit icons in the game's interface, and city graphics have all been changed.


    If you have the Poland DLC enabled together with this mod, it may screw up the architecture of all civilizations other than Egypt. To make my mod compatible with the Poland DLC, you MUST:

    1) Move the Poland_DLC_Cultures.artdef file from this mod's Artdefs folders into the ...Steam/SteamApps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/DLC/Poland_Jadwiga/Artdefs folder (in other words, the Artdefs folder that came with the Poland DLC)

    2) Rename Poland_DLC_Cultures.artdef to simply Cultures.artdef, thereby replacing the Cultures.artdef file already in the game.

    3) This should "patch up" the Poland DLC so that my mod can work alongside it.


    1. Civ6_AfricanEgyptians_Progress2.jpg