1. R

    Artful Terrain Textures

    Description This mod adds the following improvements: - A beautiful new fog of war! - New textures for Grassland,Plains and Desert with regional variations; - New textures for Marsh, Tundra and Snow without regional variations; - Recolored rivers and water; - Re-textured flood plains...
  2. Erlend Philip Wood

    Erlend's interface improvements 1.2

    ERLEND'S INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS Interface upgrade pack for Civ 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These improvements to the interface were made by me for the mod "2021 EXPANSION". The full mod can be downloaded here. Useful for both...
  3. K

    Minor Graphics issue

    In both Rise and Ashes i have the exact same graphics issue, the icons for the mana panel are all missing. Only the icon to toggle the panel off and on are visible. In both FFH2 and Fall Further, I do not have this issue. Anyone have any idea how to fix this, its not a game breaker, but it is...
  4. tomekum

    Civilization IV Remaster 1.7.3

    I just wanted to share with you guys the mod I am working on. It's called Civilization IV Remaster. It is mostly focused on improving the visuals of the game and keeping the gameplay vanilla. The mayor features are: - changed the fog of war from black to animated clouds - new vivid terrain...
  5. jarcast2

    TarcisioCM's terrain texture modpack 1.0

    Terrain texture modpack by TarcisioCM that I use. As few people asked me where to download it and the link in the related cfc thread is dead, I am re-uploading for anyone interested. To install it, extract the folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization...
  6. JimmyMcGill

    Mod community, assets, unit creation, cultural unit variation

    Hi all. Just to preface, I find CIV VI with the expansions a fun game, and now the SDK is available it is more accessible to modders. My problem is, I don't own the game on Steam so I can't access the art assets. I have however found a copy of the SDK elsewhere which has enabled me to some...
  7. Kylorin

    Fall From Heaven 2

    Where are the death night graphics?? I need them for a mod and I CANT FIND THEM
  8. SkipperXIV

    Skipper's Resource Buttons 1.0.0

    Have you ever looked at the button for Iron, Dye, or Marble, and wondered what the heck you're looking at? Then this mod is for you! Now you can tell what a resource is at a quick glance, and enjoy a better-looking resource-hunting experience!
  9. jimmywfl

    I hate the smoke and fire graphics. Can they be turned off?

    I hate the smoke and fire graphics that obscure the terrain. Can they be turned off?
  10. Kmart_Elvis

    How is it on the new MacBook Air?

    I know it just released today, but was wondering if anyone has got to play Civ VI on their new Air? How is the performance? And do you have the 7 or 8 core?
  11. tantoniou

    Dams graphics placing

    (Don't know if this is the right place to post this...) When you build a watermill on a side of a river, it shows on the side you built it. Later on, when watermills are replaced with dams, the dam graphics are shown on the opposite side of the river, and are mixed up with the graphics of...
  12. md4

    [C3C] Color palette glitches

    I'm not liking my chances on this one, but as of tonight (after 1–2 months without issue) I am getting constant color palette glitching like so: See the bottom-right summary panel: Behold many icons (most notably under Masonry, Pottery, Construction): Of note, the icons change periodically...
  13. Haustmyrkr

    Environment Skin Sid Meier's Civilization VI graphics issue, pls help

    Hi all, guys! I have some strange and really annoying graphics bug - after 3-5 minutes of gameplay all the colors ingame kind of crashin, it's like I'm playing on 16-bit console, dunno how how else to describe it, as if the bitness of the colors is drastically reduced. Screenshot: I've...
  14. LPlate2

    Cityset Snip Catalogue

    Hi, I'm creating this thread to post some snips of citysets from within mods. If looking for a cityset for you mod, you'll want to check in They're often filed in CIV4 - City Improvements but also in CIV4 - Other...
  15. Anirban Mandal

    ReShade for Civ IV

    Rehade is a shader injector ( I was looking into using reshade in civ iv, and from my preliminary tweaking, there were some positive results. I will look into detail what each shader does, and try to come up with a good configuration for the game. I thought it would be a...
  16. jorissimo

    What hardware do people play DoC on?

    I don't want to be a bore with more performance-related posts, but I'm curious about the rigs that DoC players use and their experiences. I myself have far from a gaming rig, using a somewhat older lenovo laptop with 8GB ram, an intel core i5 CPU running at 2.6 GHz, and internal graphics with...
  17. merijn_v1

    Forest Variations 2020-02-24

    New forest variations. Top row: New snowy forest 1, new snowy forest 2, default snowy forest (for comparison) Second row: Savanna*, default leafy forest (for comparison), bamboo forest Bottom row: Tropical forest (leafy and jungle combined), hybrid forest (leafy and evergreen combined) * The...
  18. K

    Esiest way to edit graphics and also looking for graphics

    I hate to be THAT girl but getting ToT up and running has reminded me that I find the ToT graphics ugly as sin, In MGE switching out graphics, mostly the terrain and cities, would be relatively easy but and of course I can always cut and paste in MS paint but I'm wondering if there's an easier...
  19. ehecatzin

    Which buildings would benefit the most from unique cultural graphics?

    I love the game but man, sometimes it feels so generic to look at. I think Firaxis reworking the look of monuments to fit different cultures (instead of using just the generic obelisc) was a step in the right direction, it helps a lot with immersion and the new monuments are just plain cool to...
  20. Deliverator

    Re-texturing Visual Effects Tutorial 2019-10-16

    This is a simple how-to guide on re-texturing VFX in Civilization VI.
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