American_Revolution for BtS 3.19 2016-10-05

American_Revolution for BtS 3.19

  1. isenchine
    American_Revolution: Civ4 Vanilla Mod now updated to Beyond the Sword 3.19

    Uploaded on 14 January 2016

    Author: FIRAXIS Games (Jon Shafer)

    Additional credits:
    Flavor units: GeneralMatt (Cannons, German Mercenaries), Bakuel (Minuteman), C. Roland (Loyalist Irregular)
    Platyping: Text Reader (CTRL-F12: displays the help text in a scrollable screen. Useful when encountering a huge army!)

    Jon Shafer: in 1775, the 13 British Colonies in North America broke out in open revolution against the empire and sought to forge their own path alone as an independent nation.
    Citing exploitive practices by the British Empire, the Colonists were angered over what they saw as unjust taxation, lack of representation in the British government and in the case of some, loss of potential fortunes which could be made trading with other parts of the world.
    Following the Battles at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, the British are bottled up in Boston by the newly formed Colonial Continental Army led by General George Washington.
    However, the Colonies are fragile and have nowhere near the resources of a worldwide empire, so the situation is dangerous for both sides.
    Shall you help lead the Colonies into freedom or fight to keep the Empire intact?

    Multiplayer: you play as either the British or the Colonists

    Discussion Thread

    Unzip in BtS/Mods folder (Charlemagne, etc). Load BtS, then the Mod or double-click directly on the file American_Revolution.CivBeyondSwordWBSave in the PrivateMaps folder.
    Note: there is an underscore (_) in the Mod's name in-between American and Revolution.

    PS (29 January 2016): there is now an alternative scenario proposed (American_Revolution_France) which allows to play as the French (with New Orleans and St Louis as French cities instead of Spanish). Special! :D

    Enjoy! :)

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  1. Luthor_Saxburg
    Version: 2016-10-05
    The basic setup is there, but it lacks a lot of details