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Anno Domini Ancient Med

Anno Domini Ancient Med 2017-05-20

Lars Porsena of the Etruscans

Civilization trait: Dodecapolis: +3 housing in coastal cities. Pastures trigger a culture bomb. Yields from Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites and Theatre Squares are +2 in tiles with charming appeal, +4 in breathtaking.

Leader trait: Villanovan Heritage: Your trade routes to other civilizations provide +4 culture for Etruria. +100% culture if they have liberated a city in the past 20 turns.

Leader agenda: Tyrrheni: Concentrates on building up culture and developing the tiles around its cities. Likes similiar civilizations, but dislikes those who attacks his home continent.

Trajan of Rome

Civilization trait: All Roads Lead to Rome: All cities you found or conquer start with a trading post. If in trade route range of your capital, they also start with a road to it. Your trade routes earn +1 gold for passing through trading posts in your own cities.

Leader trait: Trajan's Column: All cities start with an additional city centre building.

Leader agenda: Optimus Princeps: Tries to include as much territory as possible in his empire. Does not like civilizations who control little territory.
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