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Iceni civilization 3.0

Play as Queen Boudicca of the Iceni

  1. Rob (R8XFT)

    Civilization Trait: The Icknield Way: One Diplomacy policy slot in the current government is converted to a Wildcard slot. Camps trigger a Culture Bomb.

    Leader Trait: Hare of Andraste: Combat victories provide faith equal to 50% of the base strength of the defeated unit.

    Leader Agenda: Boudicca's Uprising: Boudicca aims to have a large standing army and likes other leaders of the same ilk. She dislikes civilizations who attack her home continent and hates having surprise wars declared upon her.

    Unique unit: Celtic Warrior (replaces swordsman): The Celtic Warrior is slightly stronger and cheaper to build and maintain than the swordsman and does not require iron.

    Unique building: Shrine to Andraste (replaces shrine): The Shrine to Andraste has all the features of the Shrine, but also grants +1 Culture and +2 Great General points per turn.

    Support included for TSL and for JFD's Rule with Faith. The Great General Boudica is replaced with Caratacus.

    This is a complete civilization, including diplo screen, diplomacy text, artwork. Thanks to deliverator for the Celtic Warrior (based on his Hirdman).

    Please note that the leaderhead is in 2D.

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