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Anno Domini East of Rome 2017-05-20

Play as Armenia, the Massagetae Confederacy and Persia (requires the Anno Domini mod)

  1. Rob (R8XFT)

    Cyrus of Persia

    Civilization trait: Satrapies: +1 trade route capacity with Political Philosophy civic. Receive +2 gold and +1 culture for routes between your own cities. Roads built in your territory are one level more advanced than usual.

    Leader trait: Fall of Babylon: +2 movement for the first 10 turns after declaring a Surprise War. No penalties to yields in occupied cities. Declaring a Surprise War only counts as a Formal War for the purpose of warmongering and war weariness.

    Leader agenda: Opportunist: Likes leaders who have declared a Surprise War. Dismisses leaders who do not use Surprise War declarations.

    Tiridates III of Armenia

    Civilization Trait: The Armenian Apostolic Church: +2 food, +2 production, and +4 gold from each relic, artifact, and sculpture great work of art in addition to the usual culture. Receive double great writer, great artist, great musician, and great merchant points. Palace has slots for 5 great works.

    Leader trait: The Illumination of Tiridates: May not build Holy Site districts, gain Great Prophets, or found religions. Gains all beliefs of any religion that has established itself in a majority of his cities. Receives an apostle each time he finishes a Neighbourhood or Theater Square district (of that city’s majority religion).

    Leader agenda: Adopter of the true faith: Likes civilizations that bring religion to Armenia. Dislikes civilizations that have founded a religion but not brought it to an Armenian city.

    Tomyris of the Massagetae Confederacy

    Civilization trait: People of the Steppe: Receive a second light cavalry unit or Saka Horse Archer each time you train a light cavalry unit or Saka Horse Archer.

    Leader trait: Killer of Cyrus: All units receive +5 combat strength when attacking wounded units. When they eliminate a unit, they heal up to 50 hit points.

    Leader agenda: Backstab Averse: Likes civilizations who are their declared friend. Hates civilizations who backstab and declare surprise wars.