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Artaxeres: The Fall of the Spartan Hegemony 2016-10-05

The year is 399 BC. Looking towards the west is the dominating power of Carthage, which has seen the World to Guinea in the south and Scandinavia in the north, setting out to it's next series of Conquests to reach the height of it's power. In the east is the mighty Persian empire with it's tremendous cities and it's powerful army, ready to reconquer Egypt, and out to dominate Greece. Greece is in the middle of these two giants, and has it's own problems. The Pelopponesian wars are over, with the siege of Sparta and the end of the Attic league. Persia, which has helped Sparta, now is in conflict with it, and has allied up with the new formed "Second Attic League" and the Superior city in Greece, Thebes. Can Persia get over a period of Political Decandency, and set out to conquer Greece and Egypt? Or do the Spartans develop a large force and conquer Persia before Alexander the Great is even born? The history is yours...

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

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